Kennedy Recreation Center

This facility is comprised of over 150,000 square feet housing 3 NHL Size Ice Arenas, Pro Shop, Hat-Trick Bar & Grill, Skate Rental & Sharpening, Meeting Room, Spacious Team Locker Rooms, Full Concession, Spacious Lobby and Gathering Area. YELLOW


The Skate Trenton Learn to Skate program is perfect for anyone who is just getting started, and anyone who can already skate but wants to be better. Our Professional instructors will help you and your child advance through the levels at a comfortable pace. All of our instructors are registered and approved through Learn to Skate USA, offering you the best possible approach when learning how to ice skate.

Step 1: All Learn to Skate participants must be current members of USFS prior to registering for a class. USFS membership runs from 7/1-6/30 of each year, regardless of the time of registration.

Please visit to learn about membership benefits and register to receive your Learn to Skate membership number.

Step 2: Once you receive your Learn to Skate membership number, CLICK HERE to visit our online registration page (DASH) or visit us at the Kennedy Recreation Center to register for Learn to Skate lessons.

Important Notice!

Kennedy Ice Arena is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our visitors. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our facility, and that requires full cooperation from all visitors.

• All participants are required to pre-register online and must be a current members of USFS prior to registering for a class. USFS membership runs from 7/1-6/30 of each year, regardless of the time of registration.

• Parents must be seated in the bleachers while classes are in session. 2 parents maximum will be allowed to accompany each skater. Do not congregate by the glass, the entry doors, or in the lobby during lesson time.

• Only skaters who are scheduled to be on the ice for their lesson may be on the ice. Skaters will be lined up by class level and instructor before taking the ice.

• We ask that skaters arrive approximately 15 minutes before the start of class (but not earlier) to get skates on and get ready. 

 • Face masks must be worn at all times on and off the ice. Maintain social distancing (6 ft.) while in the building.

 • Dates, times and guidelines are subject to change. All customers, guests, user groups, staff and visitors are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of these changes. 

Learn to Skate Programs

Snowplow Sam: Ages 6 & Under

Preschool-age skaters develop preliminary coordination and strength to move around on the ice. The introductory classes are divided into four progressive levels for kids with no prior skating experience to build confidence in skating and themselves. Fun and games make this positive experience for your kids enjoyable and memorable.

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Basic Skills: Ages 7+

The first stage of skills forms a strong foundation for your skaters to explore the world of skating. All will progress at their own pace working toward mastering each skill. Instructors encourage skaters to trade in hesitation for excitement as they grow a love for skating. FUNdamentals harness those skills as agility, balance, coordination and speed become the main focus of this curriculum.

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Free Skate

Skaters who have completed the "Basic Sixes" enter the next set of curriculum in the Learn-To-Skate USA Free Skate levels. Each Free Skate level is divided into three sections: skating skills, spins and jumps. The levels are designed to give skaters a strong foundation and it is at this point the skater can choose to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.

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