Social District

The Downtown Trenton Social District is a program that is helping to revitalize the downtown corridor by social_district_logo (2)engaging both the community and the area business to create and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere full of great people and great places to to share.
The Michigan’s Social District Law was passed during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic which restricted public gatherings, events and set strict capacity limits for bars and restaurants.
Now that the restrictions are easing up The Downtown Trenton Social District allows for bars and restaurants to service their patrons while providing the current social distancing protocols, foot traffic and protecting public health and wellness while bringing together neighbors and businesses for great food, fun and a renewed sense of community.

The Downtown Social District of Trenton wants to set the example going forward for best practices during times such as these by creating an atmosphere of community through responsible social planning.

To create this sense of community requires planning, policies and a structure that will meet the needs in any given scenario that allows the community the potential to continue staying connected yet safe at the same time.

Below are the guidelines and information for this plan which will help create a new and revitalized downtown corridor here in Trenton.

Social District Information

Social District Participating Businesses Responsibilities

Social District Local Maintenance and Operations Plan

Social District Extensions Moratoriums

Social District Enjoy Responsibly

Downtown Social District Map