Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is responsible for both parking tickets and signage throughout the city. The Department handles requests, concerns and safety issues for parking and other traffic related concerns. The division also works with the police department for speeding violations, safety issues and abandoned vehicles.

Part of the mission of the Traffic Division is to provide safer streets for our community. Officers assigned to the Traffic Division provide traffic law enforcement both generally and selectively throughout the community.

General enforcement is when the Traffic Division officers randomly select locations to check for traffic violations.

Selective enforcement is when officers are sent to specific areas such as intersections or areas where a high number of accidents are occurring or responding to citizen complains to specific areas of traffic violations.

Traffic Concerns

Law enforcement can make a positive impact on increasing safety belt use rates through enforcement and education, removing impaired drivers from the streets before they are involved in crashes, or reducing the incidence of dangerous speed violations.  If you have a traffic concern, such as dangerous speeding in your neighborhood or other issue, please contact our Traffic Division at 734-676-4230.

  1. Traffic Division

    Physical Address
    2872 W. Jefferson Ave
    Trenton, MI 48183

    Mailing Address
    2872 W. Jefferson Ave
    Attn: Traffic Division
    Trenton, MI 48183