Commercial Inspections

The TFD conducts fire safety inspections of commercial  and business properties throughout the city.  These inspections help to ensure fire prevention and also educates the business/building owners on how to create and maintain a fire safe business while educating the department on what is inside the business so should a fire occur they will be more prepared for what to expect. In most cases, a resident or business owner is unaware of fire code violations and once made aware they quickly take action to correct the violation.

RESIDENTIAL - Fire Inspection Checklist

COMMERCIAL - Fire Inspection Checklist


When an inspection has been schedule please review the Guide to Fire Inspections which will help you to better understand the purpose and function of the inspection and to implement requirements that may not currently be in place, reducing the corrections you will need to take care of once the inspection is done.

Do you have a complaint?  To register a complaint, print the Code Enforcement Complaint Form and submit to the Barre City Code Enforcement Services or fill out the On-line Code Enforcement Complaint Form. Once we have a submitted form we will be in contact with you to investigate the complaint.