Marquee Request

  1.  Messages are limited to groups and organizations serving the City of Trenton promoting an event in the City. No personal messages will be accepted.
  2.  Groups and organizations must submit requests for approval to the Parks and Recreation Department a minimum of 2 weeks prior to listing. 
  3. Requests are limited to four postings per organization within a calendar year. Additional requests may be submitted for a fee of $25 per message. 
  4. All requests are subject to space availability, which is based on message demand during the requested posting period.
  5. Information posted for groups and organizations will normally be listed for three days and may be extended for five days based on space availability. Ad messages paying a $25 fee will be posted for 5 days. 
  6. Priority is given to City of Trenton activities and functions utilizing City of Trenton facilities.
  7.  Trenton Public School requests must be submitted by school administration. 
  8. In the interest of public safety, the Parks and Recreation Department will regulate the amount of message screens used at one time. 
  9. Approved postings will be made on a first request basis with a limit to the total number of messages posted at any given time. Marquee Message Information Please complete the following information. The posted message will be gleaned from the information provided. 

Click here for Marquee request form- When complete,  please email form to