Elizabeth Park Marina Rules

To make your stay with us more enjoyable, the following set of guidelines should be followed. These are merely suggested rules of etiquette and regulations to make the Marina and its facilities more enjoyable for all customers

  1. The word "operator" shall be used herein to indicate any person authorized to represent the actual owner of the harbor. The word "tenant" shall be used to indicate to the owner of the boat legally within the harbor or any person who is otherwise using the facilities.
  2. When the boat enters the docking area, it shall immediately come under the jurisdiction of the operator and shall be berthed or anchored only where maneuvered as directed by the harbor operator or his assistant.
  3. All boats shall be required to meet all state (federal) requirements as pertains to sewage disposal.
  4. Tenants shall provide all required information requested by the operator.
  5. No advertising or soliciting shall be permitted on any boat within the docking area. No commercial enterprise is to be operated from any boat in the docking area.
  6. Boats shall be in a seaworthy condition and not constitute a fire hazard or they shall be removed from the docking area.
  7. No swimming or diving shall be permitted in the docking area.
  8. No cooking will be allowed on the boats, docks or pedestrian walkways. All cooking to be confined to designated areas only.
  9. Boat owners shall not store supplies, materials, accessories, or other items upon area walkway, dock, or piling and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets, steps, or similar items.
  10. No refuse or excrement shall be thrown, pumped, or discarded overboard, garbage shall be deposited in cans supplied for the purpose and other debris shall be placed where specified by the operator.
  11. Tenants shall use discretion in operating motors, generators, or other bilge pumps as not to create a disturbance.
  12. Disorderly conduct by a tenant or his visitors that might cause injury to a person or damage to property, or otherwise create a nuisance, shall be cause for immediate removal from the docking area of his boat.
  13. Vessels entering the docking area during an emergency shall be reported immediately by their owners or the operator.
  14. Boat well shall be operated in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations. If in violations of any said rule, the occupancy may be immediately terminated without refund of fees.
  15. Dogs shall be under control of tenant (on a leash) anytime they are off of boat.
  16. Tenants and their guests are required to met an 11:00 PM quiet hour. Violation of this rule could result in tenant being requested to leave docking area.
  17. There shall be no fueling of boats in docking area.
  18. Rafting or doubling up of boats shall be strictly prohibited except as authorized by Harbormaster or his assistants.
  19. CHECK OUT TIME IS 11:00 AM. Tenants and guests must leave docking area by 11:00 AM the day the lease expires, or pay for an additional day.
  21. No fishing in or around dock areas.