Where does Storm Water Runoff Pollution comes from?
  • Automotive leaks and spills
  • Disposal of used oil and other engine fluids down the storm drain
  • Improper disposal of cleaners, paint and paint removers
  • Metals in:
    • Metal Plating
    • Paint
    • Rust
    • Tires
    • Vehicle Exhaust
  • Oil stains on parking lots and paved surfaces
  • Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers from lawns, gardens, and farms
  • Soil erosion and dust debris from landscape and construction activities
  • Trash, lawn clippings, animal waste, and other organic matter

Waterways of the Great Lakes

The waterways of the Great Lakes begin in front of your home at the storm drains. The City's Storm Sewer and Drainage System are the uppermost part of the waterway and a major source of freshwater for the lakes.

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5. Where does Storm Water Runoff Pollution comes from?